Optimists learn about social media

Cynthia Giles, of Cut Throat Marketing, spoke March 12 to the St. Andrews Optimists at its weekly breakfast meeting. Giles is a specialist in the field of digital marketing with an emphasis on growing business through social media. The reason for the appeal of social media is access is low-to-no cost.

One third of the world’s population are active on the internet, and 2 billion consumers use social media. The most active nations are the U.S., China, and India.

Where Cut Throat’s services are most effective is the matching of businesses with the websites that cater their demographics and interests. Giles provided a brief profile of some of the more active websites, outlining their strengths.

FACEBOOK: With 190 million U.S. users, it is the most popular site. Its average users are males and females, aged 18-65, and it spans all socioeconomic demographics.

TIK TOK: A site that shows users’ videos. Its audience is predominantly made up of females aged 13-29. Because of the youthfulness of its demographic, it is characterized by a relative lack of understanding of “how life works” vs. much older age groups.

SNAPCHAT: Photos and videos are posted by users and then are visible for only a short time. The sources of the postings are Android and Apple smart phones.

REDDIT: This is a website that forms users into discussion groups based on users’ interests. It is also the source of most memes that appear on other sites.

PINTEREST: Older, college-educated females are its most active users. It is a site for sharing  ideas such as recipes, sewing patterns, crafts  etc.

TWITTER: 69 million users in the U. S. and 52 million in Japan. This website assists users in posting personal information, through “tweets,” that are seen by the people following those original users. The size of each tweet is limited to a maximum of 140 characters.

LINKEDIN: With 174 million users, LinkedIn is a professional image and networking platform. It is the most trusted social media platform and is used, among other applications, for job searches. It has been estimated that there are 3 hirings  every minute whose source is a presence on LinkedIn.

Giles characterized social media as here to stay, a promotional tool that every business must factor into any plans for growth.

Pictured are Optimist President, Alan Taylor, Cynthia Giles, and speaker host Kerry Powers.