I like to think these days I’m breathing new life into the old phrase, “just skating by.” Back before a thousand things happened – before a national pandemic, multiple heart attacks and one too many bad breaks, just skating by meant really not trying. It meant settling for less –Continue Reading

Open Letter I would like to respond to State Representative Chip Huggins’ report of “major accomplishments” from the last legislative session that appeared in the July 15th edition of the Irmo News. While claiming to champion “preserving life,” Huggins and his fellow Republicans appear to be only pro-BIRTH, not pro-life.Continue Reading

Open Letter The June 12 District Five board meeting began with a trustee’s reprimand of the Director of Communications for not sufficiently celebrating our new superintendent. Trustee Ken Loveless expressed disapproval that, “there was very little recognition on the district website and next to no fanfare in the community and theContinue Reading

Open Letter As Chair of the Lexington/Richland District 5 School Board, I want to assure our community that District 5 is moving forward. We will be concentrating on the well-being of all our students. We will seek, and encourage, teacher input as we set our goals and vision for theContinue Reading

Remember all the talk about how elected officials, government, etc. should be more transparent.  I agreed then and still do. I read the other day where at the Special Called Meeting on June 29th Council voted and approved Irmo Town Administrator Bob Brown’s “request to retire”.  Never heard of thatContinue Reading

Dear Irmo News: I recently read with interest an article by Al Dozier regarding a settlement between the town of Irmo and a homeowner with a disability claim. I would like to clarify the factual impression which was left by the article. Your article indicated the town of Irmo agreedContinue Reading

The goodness of the American people is codified in the Fair Housing Act. The act in essence states that every effort will be made to allow those with disabilities the physical comforts and conveniences necessary to lead normal and productive lives. An unfortunate situation in Irmo came to light nearlyContinue Reading

There have been numerous accusations made about sitting District 5 school board trustees accepting campaign donations through the years from firms who are or could potentially do business with the school district. I have been watching this closely, because even though the SC Ethics Commission allows and places a limitContinue Reading

Dear Editor, Congressman Joe Wilson’s slogan Joe Means Jobs is very appropriate in my opinion. My grandson asked me, ten years ago, when he was eight years old, who this Joe Means Jobs guy was. I explained to him who Joe was and what he means to SC. Ever sinceContinue Reading