Dear Irmo News: I recently read with interest an article by Al Dozier regarding a settlement between the town of Irmo and a homeowner with a disability claim. I would like to clarify the factual impression which was left by the article. Your article indicated the town of Irmo agreedContinue Reading

The goodness of the American people is codified in the Fair Housing Act. The act in essence states that every effort will be made to allow those with disabilities the physical comforts and conveniences necessary to lead normal and productive lives. An unfortunate situation in Irmo came to light nearlyContinue Reading

There have been numerous accusations made about sitting District 5 school board trustees accepting campaign donations through the years from firms who are or could potentially do business with the school district. I have been watching this closely, because even though the SC Ethics Commission allows and places a limitContinue Reading

Dear Editor, Congressman Joe Wilson’s slogan Joe Means Jobs is very appropriate in my opinion. My grandson asked me, ten years ago, when he was eight years old, who this Joe Means Jobs guy was. I explained to him who Joe was and what he means to SC. Ever sinceContinue Reading

I have read that some members of the public believe that where a trustee lives somehow effects the leadership that they might bring to the board. This district is relatively small in geographic area. Do you really believe that someone running for the board would not have concern for students,Continue Reading

Dear Friends, I am a father of three Lexington-Richland District 5 graduates. I am also the spouse of a dedicated D5 teacher with over 25 years of experience. Lexington-Richland District 5 is wonderful school district. Despite the challenges of 2020, Dr. Melton seems to be an effective leader with aContinue Reading

Open Letter At the school board meeting September 28, the discussion agenda included the topic of District Construction. Mike Montgomery was asked to present the actual cost the district incurred to correct the construction deficiencies in the 2008 referendum projects. The only projects with problems were the renovation projects atContinue Reading

During these uncertain times, the school dilemma is of great concern to many parents, teachers and students. Virtual learning presents difficulties for almost everyone. But attendance inside the school buildings is equally problematic due to fears about illness from the virus. We all feel for families trying to juggle jobs,Continue Reading

Letter to Editor What has the Town Council been smoking to approve this kind of buffoonery? A virtual Okrastrut that is going to cost an estimated $43,700? Really. And what exactly do we get for the money? An event than nobody is going to attend. How exactly do you haveContinue Reading