A.I. – Medical benefits?

By Matt Belyus

Valet Tech

To continue with our series on A.I. and how it will impact all of our lives.  The article last week was written using ChatGPT.  The entire process took 30 seconds.  I put in the command “Newspaper article on A.I. in the medical field 450 words or less,” and in less than ten seconds, the article from last week was generated.   That article is just a sample of what can be accomplished using A.I.  That simple article would have taken me just a little longer than ten seconds for me to write.  I could go into all sorts of conspiracy theories at this point, and this would require me to write the rest of my life to begin to touch on them.

A.I. can be used for good as well as bad.  The last article using ChatGPT gave me some insight into A.I. in the medical field, which I believe could benefit people the most.  You may be asking how?  This A.I. will go far beyond just writing articles, but the first would be low-hanging fruit in the medical field to save lives.  Medicine interactions would be the first on my list.  The ability of A.I. to compare and evaluate medications for people could quickly determine possible problems when taking multiple prescriptions and then alert the physician or pharmacists to those issues.   There are many software tools to help to do this now. Still, true A.I. would be able to determine problems based on the chemical makeup of the medicine and other prescriptions a person takes, as well as factor in their physical attributes such as weight, blood type, sex, allergies, etc.  Access such as this does raise privacy concerns for HIPAA and who has access to this information, and what control is there on that information.

Next week we will delve into more areas for A.I.  and how some of it can go off the rails so very easily—no, not SkyNet or the Matrix, but much simpler than that.

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