By Dee Griffin Physical therapy is one very important modality that you should be using if you are experiencing a decrease in movement, pain caused by injuries, chronic pain, chronic conditions, or neurological diseases. Physical therapists work with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that may include exercises, manual therapy,Continue Reading

We can’t see if our brain is bruised or broken, but we know that if Alzheimer’s has crept in, it could be eating away at our brains decades before any symptoms appear. So, how do we know if our brains are ok? Well, here are some broad strokes: If youContinue Reading

Understanding risk factors and symptoms By Dee Griffin Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the body is either unable to produce enough insulin or the body is unable to use the insulin produced. Both conditions cause an elevation in your blood sugar and in the long runContinue Reading

By Dee Griffin   What if there was a ticking time bomb inside of you and you had NO idea it was there?For some people, this may be true. High blood pressure (a.k.a. hypertension) can be putting you at risk for things such as stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure.Continue Reading

The Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program offering $25 vouchers to low-income seniors living in Richland County starts Monday, June 6. Seniors must qualify for the program to receive vouchers to buy fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables from authorized farmers this summer. Each qualifying individual will receive $25 in theContinue Reading

Senior Resources has received grant support in the amount of $24,300 from DAV Charitable Service Trust to provide nutritional support through Meals on Wheels to veterans in Richland County. The funding will be used to provide the delivery of a hot, daily meal to 12 homebound veterans for one year.Continue Reading

Officers from the Irmo Police Department along with Town Councilman Erik Sickinger visited Generations of Irmo for Valentines’ Day to honor some of the town’s senior citizens by offering them flowers and words of kindness.Continue Reading