Open Letter In direct response to the misinformed opinion titled “Festival To Fund Gun Buyback Event” published in the November 17, Irmo News. It was hinted that the town was laundering hospitality tax money through the festival for the gun buyback program. This can’t be any further from the facts. The festivalContinue Reading

BY SHERIFF LEON LOTT [The following opinion-editorial piece was originally published in The State, Nov. 20, 2022] – “Northern California Sheriff announces indefinite suspension of daytime patrols citing catastrophic staffing shortage.” – “Philadelphia Police to allow unarmed civilian traffic officers, offer recruitment bonuses to retain staff.” These are just twoContinue Reading

Have you heard the phrase, “Houston, We have a problem? “Irmo, We have a problem!!!!” There are individuals, volunteer organizations, homeowners associations and others who give their time to pick up and bag trash along the roadside. Wonderful!!! There is one final step to close the effort put forth. SomeoneContinue Reading

The election on November 8th is very important. I realize most people concentrate on State and National levels, however, please know that your School Board races are just as important. Local election of school board members will impact your children most directly and your pocketbook most directly. We must demandContinue Reading

By Ed Hammond Last night wasn’t the end of Jan Hammond’s involvement and love of District 5. As long as she has breath she will be an advocate for the children, parents, teachers  and staff of D5. It started in 1973 (before a lot of her critics were born orContinue Reading

Dear Jan Hammond, I am writing to respond to two items included in a column or letter to the editor that you wrote for The New Irmo News, which was posted online. The article was in response to a column by David Travis Bland of The State. The first itemContinue Reading

The recently released phase II report focused on purchases for the district’s newest school, Piney Woods Elementary School (PWES) and cites issues including nearly $1 million in contingencies belonging to the district reported as being apparently redirected to the contractor’s labor and not returned to the district and over $300,000Continue Reading

School Board Chair Jan Hammond recently penned a letter to this newspaper in which she detailed some “facts” about the school board. I think some expansion of Ms. Hammond’s “facts” are required. Ms. Hammond stated “Mr. Bland references a lawsuit that his editor filed accusing the board of voting behindContinue Reading