By Dee Griffin Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. Its job is to regulate the amount of glucose in the body. Insulin resistance happens when the cells in the body are not able to respond efficiently to insulin. When this happens, the blood sugar level will increase. OverContinue Reading

By Dee Griffin Inflammation is a natural process that is a response to injury or infection in the body. The process is a complex biological response that is designed as the body’s attempt to protect itself from harmful things such as a pathogen, damaged cells, or other irritants. If inflammationContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Consumers are plagued by soaring prices, empty shelves, and hard-to-find items since the Covid Pandemic interrupted supply chains. Families, with limited income, experienced the fiercest struggles, often depleting savings, borrowing money, or tapping retirement funds. Many are penny-pinching, even dangerously reducing vital medicines and food to survive.Continue Reading

By: State Treasurer Curtis Loftis There’s no escaping the hustle and bustle of December. Even if you love gift shopping, Christmas music, and holiday parties, the end of the year is often nothing short of exhausting. While I know the most wonderful time of the year is probably also yourContinue Reading

By Sarah Ostergaard For so many reasons, December is a time of reflection and celebration. As 2023 comes to a close, let us pause and thank school faculty, staff, and administration who love and grow our community’s children. Our schools are community hubs, collaborating with families in support of studentContinue Reading

By Sarah Ostergaard Tuesday, November 7, was Election Day for many town offices across the state. Did you vote? Do you live in a jurisdiction that held an election this year? According to, on this “Municipal Election Day” there were 217 elections in 39 counties across the state withContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose In our last article, we discussed the fascinating subject of dreaming and how restful sleep is far better than owning gold. We recently examined eight medical school and university studies by scientists and found common, documented sleep-improvement techniques. Unfortunately, one-third of Americans suffer from sleep problems whichContinue Reading

Sleep is a key component for optimal physical and mental health. Many people struggle to get a restful night of sleep. Sleep is when the body has time to repair and regenerate, helps support immune function, and improves cognitive abilities. Poor sleep has been linked to a range of negativeContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Sleep is one of the most fascinating events I have studied over the last decade. The greatest question persists: “Why do most individuals ‘sleep like babies’ while one-third of the population experiences insomnia, frequent awakenings, and unpredictable early risings?” In order to achieve a peaceful night’s rest,Continue Reading