How a 70-year-old Marine officer from Columbia, S.C. proves the Marine Corps still builds men By Thomas S. Mullikin, PhD America’s Marine Corps was established on November 10, 1775, when the Continental Congress ordered that two battalions of Marines be raised for combatant service aboard ship, as Naval landing forces,Continue Reading

By Thomas Grant, Jr. Defending Coastal Plain League champion Lexington County Blowfish held its second annual “Hooties” Night this past Friday. The contest against the Macon Bacon saw the team wear their Hooties themed jerseys which were auctioned off online. Proceeds from the event benefitted the Lexington Medical Center FoundationContinue Reading

Cicely Brianna Major, an Irmo resident, received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The University of South Carolina on May 3. Major was a 2015 graduate of Dutch Fork High School where she participated in the STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program of Lexington/Richland School District 5. After herContinue Reading

By Sarah Ostergaard Oh yay, it’s summer vacation. But oh my, I’m tired already. Looking for engaging ways to keep the kiddos occupied, experiencing new things, and off the electronics as a default? Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, big sibling, or sitter, even if you work full time, our childrenContinue Reading

Open Letter Regardless of what some on Lexington County Council are attempting to distract constituents during reelection campaigns. Growth is not the issue, and some on the council have even admitted it. It’s residential growth they say, not commercial growth. Yes, we all want those large companies and the employers,Continue Reading

By Eileen Renders Because there is so much information regarding this genetic disease, I will need to offer the most important facts associated with recognizing the symptoms and how it is treated. Charco-Marie-Tooth or CMT is named after the doctor who discovered it. It is a peripheral nerve disorder thatContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Who can say they never had any life’s regrets? Haven’t we all blindly traveled down what appeared as appealing roads that unexpectedly turned into nightmares? And, made stupid decisions, experienced turbulent relationships, or did things that led to traumatic outcomes which stick to us—like super glue? IContinue Reading