Is Everything OK with Your Brain?

We can’t see if our brain is bruised or broken, but we know that if Alzheimer’s has crept in, it could be eating away at our brains decades before any symptoms appear.

So, how do we know if our brains are ok?

Well, here are some broad strokes:

If you forget a name, but it comes back to you-
Probably OK.

If you lose your car keys or your phone, but you still know how to use them and you find them later.
Probably OK.

If you forget to pay the bills one month.
Probably OK.
(You should worry if it continues to happen).

If you can’t find words or you get lost occasionally.
Probably OK.
(You should worry if it continues and others begin to notice.)

None of these signs are absolute, of course, and you should pay attention to any feeling you may have that something just isn’t right…but I can tell you there are lots of people who seem to be doing everything right. They are known as SuperAgers, people over 80 whose memories are as good (or better) than those 20 to 30 years younger. Since 75% of seniors worry about getting dementia, we all want to know what we can do to prevent it. And there ARE things we can do.

In fact, research shows that up to 40% of cases of dementia can be prevented. So, this month, we want to focus on Secrets of the SuperAgers. Read the article we‘ve included at the bottom of the newsletter which explains how basically it comes down to these “secrets”

Stay Active
Challenge your brain
Indulge sometimes

There’s a lot of good news around keeping our brains healthy, and SuperAgers show us that Optimism and Resilience are at the top of the list, so here at Leeza’s Care Connection, we can help because that’s our game!

Ever Forward,