A Virtual Okrastrut?

Letter to Editor

What has the Town Council been smoking to approve this kind of buffoonery? A virtual Okrastrut that is going to cost an estimated $43,700?

Really. And what exactly do we get for the money? An event that nobody is going to attend. How exactly do you have a “virtual parade”?

An Okrastrut that no one is going to come to, means that no money will be brought into the area. So every penny that is spent on this charade is a dead cost with no return on investment. I understand that money has already been allocated for the band and other preliminary expenditures, but it’s time to take your lumps and fold the tent.

With all due respect Mr. Slaughter, what is “going to give us a black eye” is spending $43,700 on a “virtual event” that by its very nature will provide no entertainment value or return on investment for the town or its residents.

Hey, wait! I have an idea. Pay me $10,000 to provide an event and I will gladly direct you to various YouTube and FaceBook venues for your viewing pleasure and we’ll call it a day.

Thank you Mayor Walker and Councilman Danielson for not participating in this bogus exercise in futility during a pandemic. Has anyone checked the temperatures on Councilmen Busch, Sickinger and Councilwoman Condom recently?

Jeff Dickson