Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee to open in Irmo

Bart Baldwin has been waiting for years to come to Irmo with his famous coffee and now has his opportunity. “Gabriel Penfield and I have come to an agreement and we will be ready to open in a month,” said Bart. “We are super excited to be here.” Gabriel Penfield owns Tribal Coffee in Friargate Plaza and he has made a decision for Bart to take over that facility. The plans have been in progress for some time. “The timing was right,” said Penfield, who owns several businesses in the area. “Bart’s a great guy and his coffee is excellent.”

Penfield is a self-admitted entrepreneur and has started companies from cigar shops to financial planning. The Tribal Coffee began as a way to instruct interns, in one of Penfield’s businesses, on how to begin a business and blossomed into a full-blown coffee house. Bart began his coffee career in 2018 with a coffee truck and in 2020 opened a permanent location at 230 Columbia Ave. in Chapin. Bart hopes to bring all the same goodies to Irmo as they now serve in Chapin.

Gabriel Penfield and Bart Baldwin shake hands as they congratulate each other on Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee opening in Irmo.

l-r Chrissy from Bart’s Coffee, Gabriel Penfield, Bart Baldwin and his daughter Meg.