Characteristics of the Maxwell DISC ‘C’ Style

As I had discussed in my previous article, “Communication: Friend or Foe?”, and the subsequent Maxwell DISC articles. DISC Is an acronym, which stands for D for Dominant, I for Influencing, S for Steady and C for Compliant communication styles. It further identifies Task-First behavior vs. People-First behavior.

Each behavioral style has instinctive behavioral strengths and limitations. Learning how to maximize your strengths and minimize your limitations is the first step to effective leadership development. The Maxwell DISC leadership style report will help you identify these strengths and limitations.

Today finalizes our four-part series, designed to share and illuminate each of the specific DISC styles ending today with the Maxwell DISC “C” style.

An important point that bears repeating is that we are all a blend of all four styles. We all have a D-I-S-C component with varying degrees of intensity, however, we have a dominant style, a natural leaning towards one or two of the styles.

C – Compliant, Measures how a person responds to the rules and regulations set by others. The higher the ‘C’ value, the more the person will comply to rules set by others. The higher the intensity of the ‘C,’ the more an individual cautiously and analytically moves forward. The lower the ‘C’ value, the more fearless the individual is.

Generalization of the “C” style: C’s are a “Reserved” and “Task-First” style. They tend to be very analytical. Their approach is incremental and measured, they require plenty of time to think things over. They are extremely conscientious and are perfectionists,

Behavioral Strengths of the “C”: They are self-sacrificing, self-disciplined, serious and purposeful. They are genius prone, talented and creative. These are the engineers of the world, if you enjoy your iPad your 85-inch HDTV and the pictures of the universe taken from a satellite…thank a “C”!

Behavioral Limitations of the “C”: They are moody, negative and critical people. Criticism is how things improve…by analyzing what’s wrong with things. However, Cs are overly critical of others and themselves. Thus potentially having a negative outlook on things

Describing the “C” Compliant style: Controlled, analytical, compliant, calculating, and cautious. They decide slowly, after thoughtful careful consideration of all the opinions and implications. They are purposeful and focused when reaching a decision, and their inquisitiveness and critical thinking pose question after question, analyzing variable after variable. Some may find this exhausting, but someone has to pay attention to the details! The phrase “TMI” is not applicable here, conversely, the more information the better.

The “C” style may come across as not having much emotion and being matter-of-fact, whilst this may be true they are very passionate about the things and the people that are important to them.

They are not very talkative and rarely will initiate conversation. Vagueness and small talk do not merit conversations and may be construed as useless.

These are results-oriented people however after analyzing variable after variable and being bogged down by the minutia they may miss the big picture.

These are accurate and detailed people and you must be credible with them. Don’t exaggerate and be on time! Remember you are interacting with someone who values accuracy and exactness. Vagueness and approximates only decrease your value in the eyes of a C!

As you can imagine the application for improved communication, and specifically DISC is endless e.g., From corporate board rooms to mom-and-pop shops. From local municipalities and town councils to large bureaucratic operations. From your local police to vast military operations. From the Sales Department to your kitchen table, again, the applications are endless.

I hope this was helpful, and for more information and for your Maxwell DISC Assessment, feel free to reach out to me,


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