Coffee house owner first to be served at reopened Waffle House

Gabriel Penfield had the distinct honor of being the first person served at the reopening of the Waffle House in Irmo on Thursday, June 8. The restaurant had undergone a remodel and Penfield was asked to be first because of his frequent flyer status with the establishment. I’ve been going there for the last 12 years,” said Gabriel. “They see me coming and nearly have my order ready before I walk in.” 

Gabriel is an entrepreneur and the owner of Tribal Coffee in Irmo and along with other companies that he runs so he enjoys the quick service. “I usually don’t even sit down because I’m on the go,” Penfield said. “They get me in and out quick.”

In a momentous event that had the town abuzz with excitement, the grand reopening of a beloved local institution, the Waffle House, took place on Thursday. The small community of Irmo gathered together to celebrate the return of the cherished breakfast spot, marking the occasion with joyous laughter, mouthwatering aromas and a special honor bestowed upon three loyal patrons.

Gabriel Penfield, Shayne Leonard and Chris Montali, three dear friends and frequent visitors to the Waffle House, were recognized for their unwavering dedication to this esteemed establishment. As symbols of the community’s love for good food and warm camaraderie, these remarkable individuals were chosen to receive the honor of being the first to be served at the grand reopening.

As the breakfast crowd relished in the first bites the air was filled with the tantalizing aroma of sizzling bacon, sizzling sausages and delectable waffles cooked to golden perfection.

The Waffle House has returned and with it the unmistakable feeling of home where friendships are forged, stories are shared and memories are created.

In the words of Gabriel Penfield, “The Waffle House holds a special place in our heats. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the people, the memories and the sense of belonging. Today we celebrate more than just a restaurant; we celebrate a community coming together.”

Waffle House is located at 7813 Broad River Rd. in Irmo.

Pictured: Gabriel Penfield, Shayne Leonard and Chris Montali at the reopening of Waffle House at 7813 Broad River Rd. on Thursday, June 8.