COMET rolls out plan aimed at improving service

The Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (The COMET) has announced the rollout of a service plan aimed at improving on-time performance of its fixed route system.

Beginning May 8, new schedules and route maps will reflect bus arrivals with updated time points so that riders can better plan their trips. The COMET and its operations contractor, RATP Dev USA have worked in tandem for months to correct glitches in the system which made the service appear less reliable than it should.

The COMET is implementing new technology to achieve increased efficiency and deliver enhanced service to its customers. There will be minimal changes to a few routes, but overall service is expected to be more reliable and efficient.

“We really listened to the feedback from our riders through our customer service team and saw that there were many opportunities to improve our overall performance. Reliability was paramount to them,” said Lenny Cooksey, General Manager of RATP Dev USA at The COMET. “Having a more accurate schedule that aligns with designated time points will give our customers more control over planning their travel. They will know where and when to expect their ride.”

Developing the new plan was a major undertaking of an important project aimed to address an issue that has been ongoing for a long time. The COMET/RATP Dev team believes that they have finally come up with a viable resolution.

“The economy of the Central Midlands depends on robust transportation for access to jobs, healthcare and educational resources. As the public transportation provider for Richland and Lexington Counties, this is our mandate,” said Derrick Huggins, Interim CEO of The COMET.

“I am proud of The COMET/RATP Dev team and how we’ve worked together to make progress in improving our ability to serve the community.”

The updated schedules are available online now at along with a Trip Planner and “Track My Bus” feature. Paper copies will be available at COMET Central this Friday, May 6.