Crochet artist helps community

In Irmo, there is an artist who uses yarn to express and support her love of wildlife. Chrissy Mosteller, age 17, crochets small creatures using patterns she creates herself. Her creations form a menagerie including rabbits, opossum, snakes, a gorilla, even a platypus.

Mosteller learned to knit at the age of 10, teaching herself from YouTube videos. She eventually shifted to crochet because she found It easier to shape and mold her projects using that medium.

She loves the challenge of taking inspiration from a simple idea or photograph.

“The amount of free creativity that I have with crochet is amazing. I can create practically anything and really make my ideas come to life. That’s my favorite part about crochet as a craft. I never run dry on new ideas of what to make; the possibilities are endless.”

Mosteller enjoys tying her passion for wildlife conservation with art expression and replicating what she sees and loves so much in nature.

She sells them on her Facebook page: EveryLittleStitchCounts. A part of every sale goes to three local charities: Carolina Wildlife, Healing Species, and Epworth Children’s Home.

“I found this to be a great balance, and I love what these non-profits do for others in need,” said Mosteller. “The dedication and hard work that these organizations put into their causes is amazing.”

Mosteller is currently working on an e-book to contain the patterns she has developed of her little animals.