Driving with a charge

By: Edward M. “JIB” Colie III

So you’ve decided you would like to get an electric car.

First thing you need to decide is how you intend to use it.

A: Will you plan to use it for around-town errands and commuting? If it is around town, hauling your children to and from school and other activities, shopping, and commuting then a used EV with a 75-100 mile range will work for you and they are available on many used vehicle websites for around $15, 000 and less.

B: If you intend to do long-distance driving (road trips) then one of the newest models with a 200-plus mile range would be your best choice. The newest EVs are priced like a new high-line car ranging from low 30K dollars to $75.000.

My personal recommendation is the Nissan Lea Plus because the Nissan Lea has been made in the USA since 2010 and the Nissan has technicians trained in dealing with EVs (oh, and by the way, the condition of the drive battery of the Nissan Leaf is monitored on the large touch screen display and should there be a problem the individual cells are replaceable.

Almost every brand of car is making EV’s BUT the only 2 brands with long-term experience are Tesla and Nissan.

That’s all for this week thank you for your comments and questions. My email is [email protected].

Until next week “charge on”!