Gun safety: know it

Koon’s Watch

Firearm sales spiked this year. With more guns on the streets and in our homes, it’s important to remind residents and visitors about safe firearm practices.

• Treat all guns as if they’re loaded, even if you think it is unloaded.
• Keep your finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to point and shoot your firearm.
• Always keep your guns in a safe and secure location, away from children and unexperienced people.
• Use child safety locks and keep your ammunition stored separately from your firearm.
• Teach your children what to properly do when they see a gun.
• Always keep firearm muzzles pointed in safe directions—never toward yourself or another person. Point it only at what you intend to shoot.
• Be aware of what is behind and around your target. Never fire at an unseen target.
• Wear appropriate eye and ear protection when discharging firearm.
• Know how to properly use your gun. Take a class. Practice shooting.
• Familiarize yourself with all federal, state and local laws surrounding the purchase and possession of firearms.
• Interested in legally carrying? Get your Concealed Weapon Permit from SLED. Know the laws surrounding CWPs.
• When cleaning your gun, always remove the magazine and other sources of ammo. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and your finger off the trigger. Always visually inspect the chamber to ensure it is unloaded. Repeat this step twice.
• Remember that your vehicle is not a mobile gun safe.
Focus on your responsibility as a gun owner; ensure you and your family are educated on and practice gun safety at all times.