Harbison Hosts DNR Water Survival Course

The pool at the Harbison Community Association on Hillpine Road recently hosted the annual South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Officer Water Survival Course. This intensive two-day training is designed to prepare new SCDNR officers for a variety of water-related scenarios they may encounter while patrolling South Carolina’s waterways.

The course covers a range of water situations, including survival techniques and emergency responses to incidents such as submerged, passenger-occupied vehicles. By participating in this training, officers gain crucial skills that enhance their performance in hostile aquatic environments, ultimately ensuring their safety and the safety of the public.

Through practical exercises and hands-on training, the SCDNR aims to equip its officers with the necessary tools to handle challenging water emergencies effectively. This annual event underscores the commitment of the SCDNR to the safety and preparedness of its officers and the community they serve.