Irmo Apartment Complex Suffers Fire, Multiple Units Destroyed

A harrowing scene unfolded on Wednesday morning as Irmo Fire District units responded to a destructive fire at Gleneagle Apartment Homes. The incident occurred with heavy fire emanating from a section of the complex, creating a challenging situation for responding crews.

Upon arrival, Irmo Fire District units, in collaboration with Lexington County Fire, Columbia Fire, and West Columbia Fire, swiftly mobilized to bring the blaze under control. Their coordinated efforts were successful in containing the fire, although the building sustained substantial damage, resulting in the destruction of several units.

Miraculously, no injuries were reported, a testament to the quick response and efficiency of the firefighting teams. The safety of residents and emergency responders remained the top priority throughout the incident.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, with authorities working to determine the factors that led to the destructive blaze. Fire investigators will examine the scene, interview witnesses, and analyze any available evidence to ascertain the origin and circumstances surrounding the incident.