Irmo considering main street build

Bill Danielson, Irmo Town Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, gave a presentation to the council on November 29 outlining a proposed main street in Irmo.

The area designates Moseley Street, an unpaved road that is adjacent to the Community Park of Irmo and includes properties stretching all the way to Woodrow Street. A total of 12 properties would need to be obtained by the town in order for the plan to succeed. The main street would include the Church Street entrance, Moseley Street, and Carlisle Street. The funding for the project would consist of the sale of lots to investors and businesses, ARPA funds and Hospitality taxes. This would allow the town to create the main street without putting the burden back on the citizens or businesses in town.

“We have an opportunity to completely change the face of Irmo and create something for future generations to come,” said Danielson.

Recently the town bought up nine acres contiguous to the park that has been cleared for additional parking and some of this land would be used in the main street design.

Indications are the project can generate a sizable sum of revenue for the town.

“We would add $2.7 million in 10 years, through new business licensing and hospitality taxes, just on this project alone,” said Danielson.

Developers could bring in restaurants, small shops, possibly a brewery, condos or an entertainment venue creating a destination for visitors and locals alike. With its proximity to the park, it would rival big city areas of similar design.

“Town residents have suggested for years that a main street would be an attractive addition to the town,” Danielson said. “Now we have a way to make this happen and everyone wins.”