Irmo residents may have unclaimed funds

Irmo Town Council candidate Gabriel Penfield joined forces with South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis to draw attention to unclaimed property that remains untouched.

During a recent press conference, Treasurer Loftis advocated for citizens to explore the Unclaimed Property Program’s website unclaimed property and claim their rightful assets.

South Carolina’s Unclaimed Property Program, overseen by the State Treasurer’s office, holds a substantial sum of money, assets, and tangible property that have been abandoned by their original owners. This program serves as a safety net for individuals who may have forgotten about financial holdings like uncashed checks, dormant bank accounts, or overlooked safe deposit boxes.

Penfield took the opportunity to stress the significance of these unclaimed assets.

“Irmo Citizens face various challenges, from inflation to unemployment,” he said. “The funds residing in the Unclaimed Property Program could serve as a critical resource to help all citizens.”

Loftis urged South Carolinians to check the Unclaimed Property Program’s website. He noted many individuals are unaware of their potential entitlement to these funds.

“Every dollar returned to its rightful owner can make a meaningful difference,” said Loftis. “We want to ensure that people are informed about these resources and take advantage of them. Searching for unclaimed property is a straightforward process, and it could result in a substantial financial boost for our residents.”