Irmo Unveils Vibrant Signal Box Transformation

The Town of Irmo and the Irmo Future Growth Corporation proudly unveil a vibrant transformation of signal boxes across the community, marking a significant step towards promoting the town’s unique identity.

The Irmo Future Growth Corporation has been actively working hand-in-hand with the Town of Irmo to enhance community aesthetics and celebrate local spirit. The first strikingly wrapped signal box, located at the intersection of St. Andrews Road and Lake Murray Boulevard, is a testament to the Corporation’s commitment to fostering a sense of pride and unity among residents and visitors alike. Excitingly, eight additional transformed signal boxes are in the pipeline, promising to bring more color and vibrancy to the town.

These creatively adorned signal boxes go beyond their utilitarian function, serving as visual celebrations of Irmo’s rich history and vibrant community spirit. The project is the result of a successful collaboration between the Irmo Future Growth Corporation, Sun Solutions, Kickstand Studio, and the Town of Irmo’s rebranding initiative.

Beach Loveland, Chairman of the Irmo Future Growth Corporation, expressed enthusiasm for the Corporation’s mission to identify, preserve, and promote key economic growth opportunities unique to the Greater Irmo area. Loveland emphasized the importance of community service as the heartbeat of a thriving community, stating, “We are committed to partnering and taking action in serving the Greater Irmo area in a way that honors our history and casts a clear vision of what we can accomplish together as a community. The response to the signal box wraps has been overwhelmingly positive, with the community expressing appreciation for the initiative.” Loveland looks forward to sharing more upcoming projects in the coming months.

The Town of Irmo extends its gratitude for its partnership with the Irmo Future Growth Corporation on this project which reflects a shared commitment to enhancing the town’s visual appeal and fostering a strong sense of community.

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