Lexington County Council Reelects Carrigg and Hudson as Leadership Duo

In a unanimous decision during their meeting on January 16, the Lexington County Council has reelected Beth Carrigg and Darrell Hudson to continue their roles as Chairwoman and Vice Chairman, respectively, for the upcoming year.

Beth Carrigg, representing Council District 7, which includes the Seven Oaks area and parts of Irmo and Lexington, has been an integral part of the council since 2019. Carrigg, the only second female to lead in the history of Lexington County Council, served as Chairwoman of the Justice and Economic Development Committees, and as a member of the Planning Committee. Her dedication to responsible growth and quality services earned her a second consecutive term as Chairwoman.

Expressing her gratitude, Carrigg said, “I am humbled, honored, and excited to once again have earned the confidence of such an amazing group of leaders working together to ensure responsible growth and providing quality services to the citizens of Lexington County.”

Vice Chairman Darrell Hudson, representing County Council District 3, covering most of the Town of Lexington and Lake Murray shores, has been a council member since 2016. Hudson, a committed advocate for his constituents, has served on various committees and was reelected as Vice Chairman for the upcoming term.

“It’s an honor to be reelected as Vice Chairman. I love my county and I love to serve,” Hudson expressed. “Very few things in life give me more pleasure than solving problems for the people who hired me to represent them.”

As Vice Chairman, Hudson remains dedicated to addressing the needs of District 3 and contributing to the betterment of Lexington County. The community-minded leader, who has been part of Lexington County for 67 years, continues to bring his entrepreneurial spirit to the council.

Both Carrigg and Hudson, with their wealth of experience and commitment to public service, look forward to another year of effective leadership for Lexington County.