Little Barks groomers complete certification

Mother and daughter groomer team Taylor and Kim Kier completed their Pet Esthetician Certification April 24.

They are ready to bring comfort and relief to the many pets in the area who have skin and coat issues at Little Barks Grooming & Boutique in Columbia where they offer Dog Grooming with a focus on skin, coat, safety and luxury.

Groomers and pet owners have seen an increase in the number of dogs with chronic skin and coat issues. From allergies to infection it has become one of the most common reasons pet owners are making their way to the veterinarians and groomers to help their dog find relief.

A Canine Pet Esthetician learns about canine skin, hair and coat structure and type and how to implement that knowledge to help common skin and coat issues that can be present on dogs. Having this knowledge allows groomers to provide better skin and coat care for their clients by properly assessing abnormal conditions and assisting the owner with seeking remedies. They do not diagnose internal issues.

Continuing education and certification is not mandatory in the pet grooming industry. Groomers that invest the time and money to obtain advanced knowledge and certifications do so because it is important to them to give the best care to pets under their charge. At this time, there are just more than 700 pet stylists in the world that have the Canine Esthetician title.

The groomers at Little Barks Grooming have several certification titles and are members of a variety of pet industry organizations.

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