Local author publishes book about Lake Murray

You can call Marjorie Kneece a true ‘lakel’ as she has just published a book about her experiences growing up on Lake Murray. “I grew up on the lake and I come from writers, artists and attorneys,” said Kneece. “I briefly talk about my family history on the lake and much much more.”

‘I Love Lake Murray’ is a compilation of 400 photos and tells everyone about what to see and do on the lake. Kneece features hot spots, the islands, restaurants, events and the history of the lake including highlighting the wildlife and chronicling a parliament of owls that she followed daily for months.

Marjorie was born in Columbia and grew up on Lake Murray. Since childhood, she has worked both the private and public sectors. She currently resides on the lake is employed by the government as a Señior Manager in the Information Technology and Program and Project Management fields.

She loves sunsets, wildlife, boating, writing, photography and working on her computer.

“I published the book in December and have sold hundreds of copies to date,” said Kneece.

“My family has been on the lake since the 60s.”

The book is sold local at Wingard’s Market, High Noon, Palmetto Fine Arts and Munson’s Music and Books. It will soon be at the gift shop on Dreher Island State park and online at Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Amazon and Walmart.

Back cover reads as follows: Have you ever heard Lake Murray’s song? It is a beautiful song. The prehistoric squawking of the great blue herons, Canada geese in v-formation honking forward, the busy melodies of the songbirds, a pileated woodpecker in the distance, the occasional hawk, eagle, or owl, and the osprey’s cry. Summer nights create a lullaby. The speed boats hum and the bass of a few diesel engines beats nearby from the No Wake Zone. The lightning bugs dance while the frogs, crickets, and cicadas all harmonize in unison. This is Lake Murray’s song, the symphony of my home. – Marjorie Kneece