Local Chiropractors have gone to the dogs

Local chiropractors Dr. Matt Boyeson and Dr. Amanda Boyeson-Oldaker of Midlands Family Chiropractic have literally gone to the dogs. Using their knowledge and skill to help the four legged variety of joint pain sufferers, instead of just the two legged type, the doctors are treating dogs and cats suffering from a variety of joint problems.

“Joint misalignments and problems in dogs can be very similar to humans,” said Dr. Matt. “It’s a little more complicated since the animal can’t tell you exactly where the pain is but we manage to work with them and figure it out.”

The doctors use a variety of techniques to narrow down the cause of pain. They use visual cues such as posture and gait. They also get hands-on with the animal to feel for tight muscles and joint misalignments. By combining this information they are able to narrow down the problem and provide effective treatment.

Dr. Matt and Dr. Amanda have teamed up with the Veterinary Care Center in West Columbia offering what might be an often overlooked alternative to some animal maladies. “We’re enjoying our relationship with Midlands Family Chiropractic,” said Dr. Marion Floyd, owner of Veterinary Care Center. “I’m very comfortable with their professional attitude and knowledge of the animal’s anatomy.”

Chiropractic tools used on humans can be utilized on animals to increase function and decrease pain. This includes cold laser which helps to reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility. They also use adjusting tools regularly found in Chiropractic clinics to facilitate the treatments and make it as comfortable as possible for the animal.

“Our goal is to prevent suffering in these animals,” said Dr. Amanda. “If the licks and tail wagging are an indicator then I think we’re on the right track.”

For more information about Midlands Family Chiropractic call 803-772-3300 or visit them at 6030 St. Andrews Rd. in Irmo.

To contact the Veterinary Care Center in West Columbia call 803-796-6961 or visit them at 2925 Augusta Road in West Columbia.

Photo: Dr. Amanda Boyeson-Oldaker adjusts the cold laser on a dog’s back as Dr. Matt Boyeson and Dr. Marion Floyd assist.