New blood for school District 5

Michael and I retired to SC after 9/11. We had lived and worked in NYC on   9/11. We decided to move to SC for a peaceful existence and to experience “The Southern Way” where “you have my word” and “hand shakes” were excepted over contracts.

Reality is we are taxpayers and have two grandsons attending elementary school in District 5. As grandparents we want to see our grandsons grow up and thrive. So I started reading articles and joined online Groups. I do not take part in the “he said, she said” conversations. Attending board meetings, reading documents and watching videos has convinced us that the “remaining three of the “core4” incumbents should not be reelected having already served 18-20 years.

We are voting for the other very qualified, young candidates with new fresh ideas to serve on the Board and focus on our students and teachers. 

Judy and Michael Kletter

Chapin, SC