New Rideshare Company Enters the Columbia, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston markets

Wridz, a third option for rideshare has opened for business in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston. Wridz calls itself “The Evolution Of Rideshare” and is currently in 16 cities and quickly expanding.

What sets Wridz apart from Uber and Lyft is it’s subscription based model for the drivers. This puts the drivers and passengers back in control. Wridz gives the passengers and drivers what they’ve been asking for. Wridz will never surge but has a PERK option to allow the passenger to add an extra incentive to the driver to pick them up during a big event. Wridz drivers keep 100% of the fare minus insurance and credit card fees.

With Uber and Lyft gouging the passengers and squeezing the drivers pay Wridz is a welcome addition to the Rideshare industry. We all know safety is a big issue so Wridz has you covered on that.

Every driver has a unique QR code on the window placard that can be scanned by the passenger to ensure they’ve located the correct driver. Wridz also allows the passenger to build a preferred driver list to allow them to get their favorite driver. This is something that passengers have been begging for. Passengers like having the ability to get drivers they prefer. Wridz drivers have passed a background check and a drug test. Wridz provides a consistent price and in most cases is cheaper than Uber and Lyft.

Wridz is available for download on Android and IPhone.

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