New westbound ramp onto Interstate 20 at U.S. 1 opens

SCDOT has opened a new westbound ramp from U.S. 1 (Augusta Road) onto Interstate 20 at West Columbia in Lexington County.

Following the recent construction of the new ramp, traffic was detoured off of the old loop ramp during an overnight traffic operation. The old loop lamp will remain permanently closed.

Signage remains in place to make drivers aware of the new traffic pattern. Motorists are advised to use caution as traffic adjusts to the new ramp alignment. SCDOT encourages motorists using the Interstate highway system to monitor traffic and road conditions at SCDOT 511.

This work was done as part of the SCDOT’s U.S. 1 over Interstate 20 Interchange Improvement Project in Lexington County and is a part of SCDOT’s Strategic 10-year Plan to rebuild South Carolina’s roads and bridges. Upon completion, the project will fully replace the existing interchange to improve overall traffic flow through this area. SCDOT expects to complete this project by the spring of 2024.