Prisma Health raises community awareness

Prisma Health is at the center of caring for many of South Carolina’s COVID-19 patients. As of July 31, the hospital system has cared for more than 2,138 COVID-19 inpatients and tested more than 114,000 through its testing sites in its hospitals and the community.

To continue to raise community awareness about the importance of COVID-19 precautions, Prisma Health’s 30,000 team members are asked to wear their Prisma Health shirt August 1 to help remind the community of their shared responsibility to help flatten the curve.

Every Prisma Health team member has been given a T-shirt with preventive messaging and asked to sign a promise poster to indicate their promise to adhere to COVID-19 precautions everywhere.

Dr. Scott Sasser, Prisma Health’s COVID-19 response leader, said, “We know that our team members make sacrifices every day. But we have seen their true resilience in the face of this pandemic, and we are very proud of them for their relentless commitment to caring for our communities. This community awareness campaign is another way that we are reminding everyone that stopping the spread of this disease is in the hands of each of us. We must do our part. Join us in this battle.”

The T-shirt reminds the community to:

• Stand six feet apart
• Wear masks
• Wash hands
• Disinfect often
• Cover cough

To kick off the community awareness campaign, team members were asked to wear their shirts—at home, exercising, working outside or on a quick trip to the grocery store, on Saturday, August 1, and post those photos on social media.

Prisma Health has been providing health and medical information as well as care and testing, including through its COVID-19 resource page,, media coverage and other communication platforms. Leadership also recognizes that team members, as both front-line workers and community members, are important community ambassadors in sharing vital public health information needed to help stop the spread of disease.