Residents upset with proposed zoning change

Residents were upset with a proposed zoning change that would allow 74 townhouse units to be built near Palmetto Wood Parkway in Irmo. At the Irmo Town Planning Commission meeting on Monday, January 31 nearly 60 in attendance voiced grievances about noise levels, traffic congestion and privacy issues.

“All of the homes are two-story and they would be looking down on our one-story homes,” said former town councilwoman Kathy Condon. “One of the basic rights of property ownership is the right to peaceful enjoyment of your property and this does not allow it.”

“Many of our people are senior citizens and like to walk the neighborhood,” said Cindy Sullivan, Palmetto Park HOA President. “We hope the requirements for the new development would be the same as in our neighborhood.”

Great Southern Homes is requesting the zoning be changed from general commercial to neighborhood commercial which would allow for the homes to be built on 3,000 sq. ft. parcels over the 11 acres in question. Each unit could be up to 2000 sq. ft. after the build and 7 units on each acre. Palmetto Wood Parkway is the location for the Irmo Veterans park and is directly across St. Andrews Rd. from Lexington Medical Center Urgent Care.

Sandra Penland said that traffic is the main problem. “We’re not opposed to development but just want the right kind of development,” she said.

The commission learned from Town Administrator Courtney Dennis that numerous emails had been received by the town voicing similar concerns about the development.

Assistant Town Administrator Rodney Tucker told those in attendance that ‘regardless of what has decided here tonight that town council has the final say on the rezoning.’

The Irmo Town Planning Commission voted to recommend to council that the property be zoned as residential commercial which only allows four homes per acre.

The next town council meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 15.

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