Return of Rebekah Smith and family after tragic accident

Rebekah (Bekah) Smith and the Smith Family return home after a life-altering car accident in Hawaii on June 28. Bekah (18) suffered an atlanto-occipital dislocation, a typically fatal injury, a C1 and C2 fracture, and traumatic brain injury, while her father, Jacob, and brothers, Jake, and Banks, also sustained injuries.

After receiving dedicated care at The Queens Medical Center (ICU) in Honolulu, she was flown
to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Bekah has made remarkable progress in her

The family anticipates arriving at 3:00 PM on Friday, August 4.

A heartwarming “Welcome Home” drive-through event is planned, starting from 378 down
Corley Mill Rd., passing through River Bluff High School, and concluding at Saluda River Club,
their residence.

Let’s celebrate their resilience and show unwavering support for Bekah Smith and the Smith

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