Skatepark Construction Underway at Rawl’s Creek

Rawl’s Creek will become a hub for skateboard enthusiasts as construction began last week on a state-of-the-art skatepark. The project, spearheaded by Jesse Clayton from 5th Pocket Skateparks, aims to provide a dedicated space for skateboarders in the community to showcase their skills and foster a sense of camaraderie among riders.

With an estimated timeline of 10 weeks, the skatepark is expected to be completed by the beginning of summer. Spanning over 8,500 square feet, the park will feature a street-style course and a bowl, catering to skaters of all levels and preferences. From beginners to advanced riders, the park will offer a variety of challenges to inspire skateboarders.

The construction of the skatepark has generated excitement within the community, as it promises to provide a safe space for skaters to practice their sport. Additionally, the park will serve as a venue for hosting events and competitions, further boosting the local skateboarding scene and attracting visitors from surrounding areas.

In conjunction with the skatepark project, the after-school skateboarding program has been flourishing, with over 80 kids participating and a full-time instructor leading the way. This program not only promotes physical activity and skill development but also instills discipline and perseverance in young skateboarders.

The success of the after-school skateboarding program is made possible through the support of our community partners who have generously contributed to ensuring that every participating child has access to skateboards and helmets. These partnerships have allowed the program to continue its collaboration with Universal Outreach, an after-school initiative that provides meals, mentors, and academic assistance to children residing in the greater Irmo area.

The construction of the skatepark and the growth of the after-school skateboarding program symbolize our commitment to foster a vibrant community. Through engaging activities and valuable partnerships, we are able to provide youth with opportunities for personal growth, physical fitness, and social connection.

As the skatepark nears completion, the anticipation among skateboarders and community members continues to build. Rawl’s Creek is set to become a choice destination for skateboard enthusiasts, where talent can be honed, friendships can be forged, and a sense of belonging can be fostered.