Open Letter Regardless of what some on Lexington County Council are attempting to distract constituents during reelection campaigns. Growth is not the issue, and some on the council have even admitted it. It’s residential growth they say, not commercial growth. Yes, we all want those large companies and the employers,Continue Reading

Open Letter The conflict between the Town of Lexington and Lexington County hinges on a crucial question: Who will bear the costs of growth and infrastructure—current residents or builder-developer groups profiting from the expansion? This debate highlights the need for professional diversity on government bodies to ensure councils serve theContinue Reading

Dear Editor,I am writing to make my opinion heard that our County Council is in dire need of new council members who have a fresh outlook on the needs of our community. Jason “JJ” Resnick is that invigorating force, who clearly sees what our community lacks in infrastructure and emergencyContinue Reading

Open Letter Dear Editor, My name is Luke Reeves, I am 17 years old and I wanted to message this news outlet and express my opinion. First I will state I am biased as I use TikTok on a regular basis and that I have not looked over every detail ofContinue Reading

If growth is the problem that some Lexington County representatives say and believe it is, they can address that by passing ordinances to not allow any more growth. But they know they can’t, in fact some have even mentioned in past, growth is good, and it is. So how muchContinue Reading

Open Letter A friend shared with me a question he was asked about a conversation he had become a part of. I thought his answer was a great response, and his perspective was worth sharing. I will not say who, what, or where, but I will bring his words andContinue Reading

I am writing to express my concerns about the current ELA scores of students in our district and throughout the state. To understand this complex problem,  I needed to understand where the breakdown existed. All schools have a standard curriculum being taught and tested. South Carolina ELA standards state thatContinue Reading

Open Letter Yes, it has been very quiet this Irmo election. Some even ask, is there, or who is running? Is he “that guy,” is he really running? What’s going on? Well, let’s talk about this. Yes, there is an election for Irmo Town Council next Tuesday the 27th. Yes,Continue Reading

In the February 8 edition of The New Irmo News, Al Dozier provided a well-balanced article “Open Carry Bill Draws Fire” on recent action the SC Senate took in passing the “South Carolina Constitutional Carry/Second Amendment Preservation Act” (H-3594). This bill is based on the premise that there should beContinue Reading