Open Letter Over the weekend I had a chance to read Ms. Hammond’s response to her ethics violations in the Irmo News (April 28 edition). In her letter Ms. Hammond appears to take every opportunity to minimize the seriousness of her violations and make excuses for them. We know herContinue Reading

It is important to me for the public to know the whole truth concerning ethics complaints filed against me by 2 community members, neither of whom I know. One person requested from D5 all e-mails sent to me during a certain time period and the other person combed through pastContinue Reading

Richland County property owners are urged to attend the County Council meeting on April 19 to compel denial of controversial mass rezoning. Concerned citizens in Richland County are being urged to attend the Council meeting on April 19, 6 pm at Richland County Administration Bldg, 2020 Hampton St. because ofContinue Reading

It is with honor that I endorse Councilman Bill Danielson for re-election. He has lived in Irmo for over 30 years and served this community in various capacities. “Service Over Self” defines Bill Danielson. Bill Danielson’s fiscal accomplishments in less than two years are unparalleled. He offers a wealth ofContinue Reading

I was glad to learn that Barb Waldman is running for a seat on the Irmo Town Council.  She’s just the kind of person who will benefit the work of the Council.  I’ve known Barb for over ten years and I know her to be dependable, honest, thoughtful about whatContinue Reading

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I endorse and support Bill Danielson for Irmo Town Council. I have known Bill for many years and in many different capacities. Serving with Bill on the Glenforest School Board for 3 years really showed me his leadership skills. (Glenforest SchoolContinue Reading

I am an Irmo business owner and have lived in the Friarsgate community since 1981. I have seen many changes in our town and communities, some good and some bad, and I believe Irmo needs to re-elect Bill Danielson. Bill understands business and has proven it while serving on TownContinue Reading