I wanted to update readers on my challenge to Phyllis Coleman’s Irmo residency issues.  A hearing was held at Lexington County Election Commission on 11/22/23 with LCEC determining Phyllis Coleman met their minimum requirements that they are allowed to verify, which are not the same as SLED has to verifyContinue Reading

Open Letter Cooler weather, shorter day length, and football mean one thing. Fall is here. This time of year produces amazing leaf colors as the hardwood trees pull their resources back in preparation for winter. As the leaves change from their beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow, magenta, and evenContinue Reading

Open Letter Dear Editor, I would like to first congratulate all of the candidates on their recent campaign run. Heartfelt congratulations go out to Bill Danielson, Erik Sickinger and Phyllis Coleman on winning their elections. I truly believe Bill Danielson will take Irmo in a new direction for the bettermentContinue Reading

Local elections are the most important elections you will participate in, period. Your local representation has an exponentially important impact on your day-to-day life, more so than state, federal or global politics ever will. Aside from that, if you choose to uphold your civic duty to vote, the people youContinue Reading

Irmo News Letter to the Editor: I want to clarify something which was said in last week’s article regarding George Frazier being disqualified to run for Irmo Town Council. For the record, I did not research information on all candidates. That information came from posts on Facebook Pages about twoContinue Reading

Open Letter I support Bill Danielson for mayor because he has shown me what leadership, civility, and financial responsibility is. He was there when we needed him when we had criminal activity coming from Columbia into our neighborhoods. He is the one who got law enforcement from four jurisdictions together to workContinue Reading

I am writing to urge everyone in the Town of Irmo to vote for Councilman Bill Danielson for Mayor on November 7th.  I have known Bill for over 30 years now and have never heard him or seen him go back on his word.  He is exactly what Irmo needsContinue Reading

It is an election year for the Town of Irmo. I’ve been a registered voter for almost 25 years. However, as another campaign begins, I can’t help but wonder what other voters consider before heading to the polls. It’s a non-partisan election. In my opinion, it essentially helps shroud eachContinue Reading