Michael Bundy, Chief Executive Officer for PRISMA’s Parkridge and Baptist locations, spoke on October 8 to the Optimist Club of St. Andrews-Irmo.  In his position Bundy monitors the performance at his two assigned hospitals on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis. Obviously, along with all the other medical situationsContinue Reading

Irmo Town Councilman Bill Danielson, currently running for reelection, spoke on October 1 to the Optimist Club of St. Andrews-Irmo. Councilman Danielson highlighted both near- and long-term issues that challenge the Council. Near-term, Mr. Danielson described a climate in which small businesses are struggling to remain intact and viable underContinue Reading

On September 17 St. Andrews Optimist Club donated more than $20,000 to causes it supports. The photo shows representatives of those entities. More than its 50 year history, St. Andrews Optimists have donated more than a half million dollars in similar gatherings. The common thread is that these organizations impactContinue Reading

St. Andrews Optimists launched its 51st year August 13, welcoming as its speaker Ryan Taylor, Executive Director of the Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shelter. The Optimist Club has been a benefactor of the Shelter for many years, supporting the vital work done there. The Shelter was founded in 1972 andContinue Reading

On July 30, St. Andrews Optimists hosted a two-speaker breakfast in order to hear from a pair of causes that the Club has supported for several years. In each case, that support has been financial and at times, in-person interaction with youth. The first speaker was Brian Riddle, Athletic Coordinator forContinue Reading

The St. Andrews Optimist Club has provided community service for 50 years and on Friday, August 6 they celebrated that milestone at their meeting in the Lizard’s Thicket on St. Andrews Road in Irmo. Kenneth Shuler was the featured speaker and has been a member of the club for 49Continue Reading

The Optimist Club of St. Andrews-Irmo has, for several years, supported the efforts of Homeworks, an organization that is statewide in scope. Joe Huggins, Homeworks’ Executive Director, spoke to the Club July 16 to give the members an update. Homeworks is first and foremost a Christ-centered service. It provides homeContinue Reading

John Manjounes, Certified DISC Behavioral Consultant for the John Maxwell Group, spoke to St. Andrews Optimists at its July 9 breakfast meeting.  While formulated for a sales organization’s ability to analyze clients’ preferences and business styles, the DISC method also has more universal applications.  DISC is an acronym for theContinue Reading

St. Andrews Optimist Club member Don Keating administers the oath for the Club’s newest member, Tim Hanbury. Left to right are Keating; his sponsor, Gary Dobson (a past president); Hanbury; and Club President Alan Taylor.Continue Reading

When divorce seems imminent, both parties benefit from a professional who is thorough, as finances become inevitably involved. The back-and-forth between and among attorneys carries with it the risk of acrimony and conflict, which can often be mitigated when clarity and compassion are integrated into the process. Such is theContinue Reading

By Rick Abercrombie The Optimist Club of St. Andrews-Irmo is at its heart a service club that strives to do as much good as it can in the community with the focus on benefitting young people. The Club meets almost every Friday and most times, hears from guest speakers onContinue Reading