The Class of 2022 wears the ring

More than 550 cadets, active duty and veteran students now proudly wear The Citadel class ring.

The Class of 2022 marched across Summerall Field, directly into Summerall Chapel, where the rings were presented on Friday, Oct. 1.

Local cadets who received their rings include:

Benjamin Nicholson of Lexington, South Carolina

Christopher Matthews of Lexington, South Carolina

Ryan Hadley of Chapin, South Carolina

Reid Derrick of Leesville, South Carolina

Bennett Lucas of Gilbert, SC

Parker Myrick of Lexington, South Carolina

Joseph Shevchik of Lexington, South Carolina

Chandler Johnson of Chapin, South Carolina

George Sabaka of Chapin, South Carolina

William Greene of Chapin, South Carolina

Robert Widener of Chapin, South Carolina

Caleb Griffith of Saluda, South Carolina

Joseph Roland of Lexington, South Carolina

Robert DeMarre of Lexington, South Carolina

Ethan Noller of Chapin, South Carolina

Luke Meetze of Chapin, South Carolina

Paul LaRosa of Chapin, South Carolina

Michael Hooks of Chapin, South Carolina

Chase Coffel of Leesville, South Carolina

Robert Bickley of Chapin, South Carolina

Garett Summers of Chapin, South Carolina

Isabel Zarzuela of Chapin, South Carolina

“The presentation of the rings represents our commitment to The Citadel and our accomplishments as a class,” said Cadet Kathryn Christmas, Regimental Commander of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. “The Class of 2022 has been waiting patiently for this day. We will wear them proudly.”

One of the very first acts the cadets performed after receiving their rings was to salute The Citadel War Memorial – marching by in rows of four – as they left the Chapel.

After, the cadets sprinted back to their barracks before beginning their first weekend with a Band of Gold on their hands.

“Ring Presentation is something we have all dreamed about from our early days as knobs. Then, it seemed like an eternity away – yet here we are, getting to join the brother and sisterhood of those who wear the ring,” said Cadet Grayson Gasque, Deputy Regimental Commander of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. “For the Class of ’22, our rings symbolize the culmination of our efforts here at The Citadel and the efforts of those who helped us along the way. From this day forward, we have the privilege and responsibility of wearing the Band of Gold.”

About The Citadel

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