The facts about DOJ settlement

Dear Irmo News:

I recently read with interest an article by Al Dozier regarding a settlement between the town of Irmo and a homeowner with a disability claim. I would like to clarify the factual impression which was left by the article.

Your article indicated the town of Irmo agreed to pay $25,000 to the homeowner. This statement is inaccurate. The town of Irmo made no payment to anyone.

The case to which reference is made in your article was brought by the United States Department of Justice. The insurance carrier for the town elected to pay $25,000 to the Plaintiff in order to help resolve the case. There was no financial payment made by the town of Irmo at all.

When the present town council was sworn in, the case in question was pending. The present council did everything within its power to accommodate the citizen and to facilitate a peaceful resolution of the controversy.

As part of the resolution between the Department of Justice and the town, the town did agree for its administrators to undergo some training in regard to the applicability of federal housing laws. In resolution of this case, we were happy to agree to undertake the training in question as training is always a good thing for our employees to have.

The town was totally ready to try the case in question. On the other hand, the town has nothing but respect and appreciation for the citizen who was involved. We are delighted the matter resolved amicably and without the necessity of a trial.

I hope this letter will clarify what actually happened and will provide adequate information to the community as to how the matter came to be resolved.

Should anyone have any questions regarding this case, I am more than happy to answer them.

S. Jahue Moore