Traffic Update: Woodrow Street and Lake Murray Blvd

There is some important news about permanent changes to the traffic pattern at the intersection of Woodrow Street and Lake Murray Boulevard.

Over the years, the transition from Woodrow Street to Lake Murray Boulevard (east and west) has become increasingly dangerous for motorists. As part of the rehabilitation of the St. Andrews Road/ Lake Murray Boulevard intersection, SCDOT is installing a raised median along Lake Murray Boulevard creating a new traffic pattern.

NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN: Effective immediately, you can ONLY make a RIGHT turn onto Lake Murray Boulevard from Woodrow Street. No more left turns onto LMB or going straight through the intersection from Woodrow Street. You also will not be able to turn left onto Woodrow Street from Lake Murray Boulevard. This change, which was recommended by the Irmo Town Council, is designed to increase traffic efficiency, reduce collisions and improve driver safety.

ADJUST YOUR ROUTE: If you usually take the old route through this intersection, it’s time to adapt! Plan your commute accordingly and give yourself a few extra minutes to accommodate this new right turn only rule. Remember, safety is our priority.

Please drive responsibly. Let’s help make our roads a safer place for everyone.