Vickie Davis to Senior Vice President of Funding and Events

Capital City Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board (CCLMC) is pleased to announce the promotion of Vickie Davis to Senior Vice-President of Funding and Events. While Davis will continue her role in securing the organization’s funding, she will also manage and train additional staff for special events and the organization’s primary fundraiser, Taste of Lake Murray.

“Vickie has been a vital part of our success, she is a committed Lake Murray Country advocate and we are thrilled to promote her to this important position,” said Miriam Atria, President/CEO.

After serving as an active volunteer with CCLMC for eight years, Mrs. Davis joined the staff in 2014 as a consultant and quickly rose to several management positions.

Mrs. Davis was recently honored at the CCLMC annual meeting for her efforts in raising over $1,100,000 for the annual fireworks display on Lake Murray during her 9 years with the organization. The 4th of July Celebration is now in its 36th year and continues to be an important tourism draw for the region. Mrs. Davis’ daily management of numerous events including fishing tournaments, water-related sporting events, and state and tourism industry meetings has grown to 23 events this year alone. These events provide major exposure and economic impact for the region.

“Vickie brings a lot of energy to our team and continues to share her extensive experience in customer service, customer solutions, and communications to all that have the privilege to work with her,” added Atria. “We hope the region will join us in congratulating her growth and progress with our regional tourism program.”