White Knoll High incident

The below message was sent to families at White Knoll High School from Principal Ted Daughtry regarding the incident that took place at the school earlier today (Nov. 29, 2021).


Dear WKHS Families and Guardians:

Earlier today, students reported to staff that a White Knoll High School student had a handgun on campus. We notified law enforcement.

Administrators placed the school on lockdown to search for the student. During that search, students and staff remained locked inside classrooms and offices for their safety.

Just before 3:30 p.m., law enforcement caught the student outside the school, but still on campus. He was detained without incident.

The student was taken in custody and faces criminal charges.

Another student was also found with him. That student had a knife and was also detained by law enforcement. She will face charges, too.

Both students will be suspended immediately and recommended for expulsion.

Though this is an alarming situation, I am proud of the students who came forward to report this incident. We must work together to keep our school safe. Because of these students, as well as the swift action of our WKHS staff and the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, we are all safe tonight.

I encourage our students to always tell a staff member if they hear about or witness any threat to our safety. We take all reports seriously.

If they are uncomfortable coming to an administrator or teacher, we have a Tip Line (803-636-8317) where they can anonymously call or text concerns. The Midlands Crimestoppers program also takes anonymous reports. That telephone number is 1-888-274-6372.

Thank you for your help.

Ted Daughtrey