Why Make a Float Plan?

By Linda L. Warren, FSO – Public Affairs, Flotilla 12-3 Lake Murray

Every year we read or hear about a fisherman who has gone missing on Lake Murray, only to be found hours or days later, sometimes in good shape, sometimes not.

A Float Plan is one of the best and easiest ways to avoid this type of mishap. To avoid putting a family through this type of stress, a Float Plan is a simple way to keep your family and loved ones informed. Most people think this is too much trouble until bad weather suddenly appears, they have a medical emergency or mechanical problems with their engine or boat.

If you look up Float Plan on the internet, you will find it can be as thorough and complicated as you could possibly want. However, if you just want to go fishing locally, you can also simplify the process. While it is best to write it down – none of us has the memory we used to have – you can start by telling a family member or friend. Be sure to include the following information: When you are leaving; Where you plan to go (can be general or specific). This gives a search party a place to start; How long you plan to be gone. These simple bits of information can be a lifesaver! BE SAFE, NOT SORRY!!! 

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