A dysfunctional federal government is not slapstick comedy

Back in September and October of 2020 Everyone, Republican and Democrat knew Joe Biden was mentally impaired. Knew that this man and his naked son were not suited to even smell the curtains in the Whitehouse. He spent the campaign hiding in his bedroom and still got elected. It was more important to Democrats to get rid of President Trump because of his competence and mean tweets than what was really good for the country. And so we got a House Plant inaugurated.

With placeholder president-in-name-only Joe Biden’s horrifying, juvenescent, and callow surrender of Afghanistan, the Dems’ and Never-Trumpers’ grand succession plan après Donald Trump has now utterly collapsed.
President Joe Biden is officially a disgrace to the office, the nation, and its citizens. Ruined by his native low IQ arrogance, malicious incompetence, and aging mental health infirmities, and shunned by our allies, Joe Biden has no standing.

Relegating serious Afghan retrograde decisions to a collection of woke fools, and duplicitous useless technocrats would never be forgivable even if Biden were a completely innocent incapacitated bystander. Yet in his increasingly rare coherent nano-moments, Biden will not admit to having allowed — indeed steered — his handlers to orchestrate a colossal geopolitical wreck, easily avoidable, a predictable and ignoble coda to his mendacious, dishonorable, and mediocre career.

Vacant VP Kamala Harris, having neither an ounce of political smarts nor a tincture of governance leadership chops, let alone self-awareness or likeability, makes a mannequin look statesmanlike. Her abrupt departure from DC — after having been AWOL on the political scene for weeks — for an implausible and optically asinine diplomatic mission to Hanoi (of all places) in the midst of her boss’s Afghan catastrophe, has confirmed and enshrined all of her defects, foreclosing any possible redemption, most certainly “presumptive president-in-waiting.”

And so, following the Dems’ fleeting triumphant toppling of all things Trumpian — through hubris, lies, and cheating a gullible electorate, enabled by aligned media hyenas — they now inherit serial disasters, a contorting political vacuum, with rampant buyer’s remorse from erstwhile sycophants. Anger and calls for retribution, and resignation to sidestep impeachment are filling the airwaves and blogosphere from all political spectra.

Biden’s disreputable and “imbecilic” (per former UK PM Tony Blair) cowardly Afghan retreat is the final double-cross following a stench-filled array of assaults on regular Marys and Joes, namely engineering an invasion of disease-ridden illegal migrants, rampant crime in Democrat-run cities all across America, 1970s style hyperinflation, and tyrannical Covid virus mandated shutdowns of First Amendment liberties.

What now? The Constitution has no proviso for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris catastrophe, except for a series of impeachments, 25th Amendment removal, and waiting it out until 2024.

A disabled Biden won’t be removed unless his cabinet says so… and Biden’s cabinet is happy to have a crash dummy wherein they can romp without any guide rails. Impeachment is breath-wasting banter as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would never assemble let alone schedule a vote on articles to impeach Joe Biden.

But assuming both Biden and Harris are impeached, who would replace them? Pelosi and then Dem Senator and Senate President Pro-Tem Patrick Leahy are next in line.

Can the Republicans arrange an omnibus impeachment to eliminate all of the toxic or incompetent successors? Rhetorical speculations of that sort are unserious clickbait.

Would the House and Senate Republicans, as a unified bloc, stymie and neutralize any Democrat agendas? Uh, no. A three-year stalemate seems impossible; after all, Gen Ulysses Grant’s civil war stalemate and war of attrition in the Wilderness and Petersburg gave us a blood-soaked exhausting two years.

All but a handful of Republicans are cowards and too unserious to wage a necessary political cleansing.
How many useful Republicans remain who didn’t 1) vote to convict on Trump’s second impeachment 2) didn’t vote for the so-called infrastructure boondoggle, and 3) haven’t acceded to nearly all of the radical Joe Biden nominees for executive branch appointments and US district and appellate court jurist nominations? You can count them using only fingers, no toes needed.

And who shall rescue us from the parade of incompetents at the State Department and Pentagon?

From sinking-chest Gilbert & Sullivan medals-laden General Mark Milley, to four-star affirmative action figure Sec of Defense Lloyd Austin, to prostrate novitiate priest Sec of State Tony Blinken, we have not seen such a collection of misfits since Moe, Larry, and Curley chuck chucked the 5 cent shorts in the 1930s and early 40s. Delivering ice, “An Ache In Every Stake”, the Stooges set the script for Biden’s buffoons, too dumb to be malicious by design.

But a dysfunctional federal government is not slapstick comedy. It is a deadly serious conundrum as China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea are measuring the drapes to adorn a takeover of Taiwan, the Philippines, the Middle East, while persistently tormenting South Korea, Japan, Australia, and yes eyeing an occupation of what remains in the only exceptional constitutional republic the world has ever seen.

We are blessed with a few resolute Republican governors, pirate-style talk radio shows, a few unmolested daily blogs, and a handful of noble statesmen, yet still isolated and having no more effect than intermittent stray voltage, or as Grand Banks dorymen would say “pissing into a gale”.

And so, who would not trade our post-republic Dante’s inferno for a few mean tweets? Just another rhetorical tease, with no resolution in sight.

You must resist. You must refuse to be cowed. You must argue facts, not feelings. And you must voice your opinion about losing your country to a cabal of nimrods.

And so it goes.

Jeff Dickson