Additional District Five students excel in South Carolina Technology Student Association competitions

Students from Dutch Fork High School received awards during the South Carolina Technology Student Association competition (SCTSA) Conference in March at the Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology in Myrtle Beach.

The Technological Student Association (TSA) is a non-profit organization of high school student members who are interested in STEAM-related careers. The organization engages students and their faculty advisors through extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, and community service. TSA chapters prepare students to be successful and creative problem solvers, responsible citizens, and leaders in a technological society.

Students who placed first in the state competitions will be eligible to participate in the National TSA conference in Dallas, Texas June 26-30.

1st place: Camden Spehl, James Maner
2nd place: Jeffrey Hu

Technology Bowl
1st place: Camden Spehl, Jeffrey Hu, Andrew Delavalle
2nd place: Emma Meihofer, William Wei, Hao Zheng

Vex Robotics
1st place: Camden Spehl, Paul Kupfer, Emma Meihofer, Arabella
2nd place: Sullivan French, James Maner, Aamina Azhar, Darryl Thompson,
Hao Zheng, Trenton Brooks, Alexandre Chayer

Prepared Presentation
1st place: August Horton

Structural Design and Engineering
1st place: Arthur Johnson, William Wei, Connor Dampier

Board Game Design
2nd place: Arthur Johnson, Doonya Khan, Ryan Lubaczewski, Olivia
3rd place: Sullivan French, James Maner, Aamina Azhar

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineering
2nd place: Arabella Walters

Debating Technological Issues
2nd place: Duyen Luong
5th place: Connor Dampier, Ashley Potter

Essays on Technology
2nd place: Emma Meihofer

Extemporaneous Speech
2nd place: Ashley Potter
4th place: Connor Dampier

Children’s Stories
3rd place: Connor Dampier, Trenton Brooks, Tayja Webber, Danica Ward