Annual Poinsettia Sale Blossoms with Student Expertise

As the holiday season approaches, students at The Center for Advanced Technical Studies are preparing for their annual poinsettia sale, a vibrant showcase of the students’ agricultural prowess and dedication to supporting their educational endeavors.

Growing Excellence in Agriculture Education

In the heart of The Center, students in the Agricultural Education program collaborate to cultivate an impressive array of poinsettias. The program, divided into three distinct pathways—BioSystems, Environmental and Natural Resources, and Vet Science—employs hands-on learning to develop students’ skills and knowledge in the field of agriculture.

Kevin Sox, Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering teacher at The Center, explains, “We start the poinsettias from rooted cuttings the first week of August. Our FFA student officers and first-year Ag Science students work collaboratively, planting and nurturing the poinsettias in the greenhouse.”

Educational Insights through Hands-on Experience

The annual poinsettia sale is not just a fundraising initiative; it’s a comprehensive educational experience for the students. Throughout the fall semester, students engage in the practical aspects of plant care—pinching, watering, fertilizing, and spacing. These activities align seamlessly with the plant science unit in the Ag Science course, providing a valuable real-world project for the students to reinforce their learning.

“The poinsettia project allows students to apply classroom knowledge in a tangible and meaningful way. It’s a holistic approach to education that goes beyond textbooks,” Sox emphasized.

A Festive Variety for Every Home

The poinsettias, available in both six and a half inches ($15) and eight and a half inches ($25), come in a variety of colors, including classic red, delicate pink, pristine white, and charmingly speckled. Each plant is adorned with a carefully crafted bow and decorative foil, showcasing the students’ skills in creating florist-quality arrangements.

Sale Details: Supporting Education and Spreading Joy

Starting Monday, December 4, 2023, the community is invited to explore and purchase these stunning poinsettias at The Center’s greenhouse, located at 916 Mount Vernon Church Road in Chapin. The greenhouse will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the week until all the plants find new homes.

For those interested in larger orders or with specific inquiries, Kevin Sox can be reached by email at [email protected]. By participating in the poinsettia sale, the community not only enhances their holiday decor but also contributes to the ongoing success of The Center’s FFA chapter and its various activities throughout the year.

Embrace the spirit of the season with a touch of nature and student-driven excellence from The Center for Advanced Technical Studies.