Are we equal?

Open Letter

A friend shared with me a question he was asked about a conversation he had become a part of. I thought his answer was a great response, and his perspective was worth sharing. I will not say who, what, or where, but I will bring his words and thoughts into this article.

But let’s first talk “Equal.” What does that mean? Does equal mean all the same, does not being equal mean some are “better” than others. Well yes and no, depending upon the topic and the issue.

Are all people “created” equal? According to our constitution, yes. Do I love my children equally, the same, yes. Is each child born with different talents, gifts, abilities, yes. Do we raise, teach our children to be all they can be, pursue their dreams? Well, we should be, but no, not always and some fail, yes. And some achieve, and or, then achieve.

As a Christian who believes the Bible, I have a perspective. Those that don’t believe the Bible, don’t believe in a God, have a different perspective. And this is where the beginning of differences in thoughts and actions begin. Yes “we are all equal in God’s eyes.” He created man, woman, mankind in his image. But we are all born different, unequal, as well. Different sexes, different races, different places, to different people. Some are born with different physical, mental handicaps that will bring hardship that others do not have to contend with. So we are not even born equal, in that regards. And under different economic conditions, under different forms of government. But let’s just stick to America, since this is where the conversation took place.

So created equally in God’s eyes, but at inception we are given different gifts, talents, abilities or disabilities, and still in my belief loved equally by God. Just like most fathers and mothers love their children, equally, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. And if they don’t, that is on them, not the child. So yes, created equally, born different, not the same, and therefore unequal, at the same time.

Yes some have opportunities that every child doesn’t have. So what. That doesn’t mean every child can’t achieve what others do. They can. Might be harder, more difficult, but we all know, read of some who have wasted those opportunities, squandered that opportunity, and some have risen to great achievements in all realms of life.

I remember as a child when I realized I wouldn’t be a white hat cowboy, a baseball superstar, a rockstar, a great artist or dancer, a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates. But once I realized that, I had to do the best I could, with what I had to work with. And I squandered some opportunities as well. But I am loved by some, liked by some, still today. And yes not liked by some, most likely hated by some. But again that is on them, not on me.

It was said, something to the affect “you are you, I am me, I cannot be you, and you cannot be me.” So yes we are different and therefore not equal.

What is wrong with not being equal? Who wants all, “equals.” I enjoy seeing, knowing “unequal” people. Imagine how boring it would be if all were equal, no great singers, dancers, athletes (all games ended in ties), doctors, scientists, preachers, authors, poet, artist, race car drivers, mechanics, plumbers, homebuilders.

Yes the conversation also talked about income, sharing of income. So let’s address that, sharing of income. Yes it would be great (for a while) if Bill Gates shared half his income with me, and then I had to share . . . either all that income with others, or one. Which would be equal?

If I shared all the gifted income, I would be equal to Bill Gates. If I shared half that gifted income as he did I would be equally sharing as him, but wouldn’t be equal with what he shared, so I would not be equal with him. Whoa. And if you can decipher from here, the conundrum of that philosophy, not really working out well.

And if people had to share a large portion of their income with others at some point, why achieve, sit back and receive. And you end up with, as you see around the world, failed communist, socialist societies that have not proved their point, but have proved just the opposite. It doesn’t work, never will it, ever.

As a Christian and my belief in God’s word, the Bible, I do believe we are all created in the image of God, equally. Can be born to same parents, in same conditions, environment and one works the land, one raises livestock. Both have talent, gifts, abilities. But also given free will to make choices, decide our future, our fate. One kills and one dies at an early age. We are not equal , we are not the same.

Hardy King