Back to school for the 2020-21 year

Things look a little different this time around. Later start dates; some children staying at home, some attending half-weeks. One thing is for certain: more traffic.

Many families have already or will begin to start new routines. They’ll be on the roads at different times and will be congregating around schools. If you know your commute involves a school zone, please familiarize yourself with the traffic laws regarding these areas.
First and foremost: slow down, especially during high congestion times. More people will be out walking and riding down sidewalks and through crosswalks; the best thing drivers can do is to slow down to avoid any traffic tragedies.

Secondly, when the school zone indicators are flashing, you must obey the decreased speed limits. Do not accelerate until you have left the school zone. Watch for crossing guards with stop signs.

Be alert! Please don’t drive distracted.

See a school bus on the road? If you are on a two-lane road and a bus is stopping, you must stop in either direction. If driving on a four-lane road, only the traffic traveling in the same direction as the bus must stop.

It has been many months since our children were last seen standing at a bus stop. But, now that school is back in session, students will be waiting in the early morning hours to catch their ride to school. Be cautious when driving through these areas.

Do your part to help us help students get back to school safely.