Biden’s surrender will haunt America for decades.

Joe (Cornpop) Biden is now the first US President to claim the official title of — SURRENDER MONKEY

The seven months of the Biden presidency reveal a theme of surrender. Surrender is to give up possession of something to another or to give up to some influence or idea. President Biden has surrendered so much on so many levels. The only question is how much is due to his abject incompetence versus a deliberate attempt to surrender America, the country he swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend, to dark forces in the world.

Start with the latest surrender, far from America in the war-torn country of Afghanistan. Despite promises to the contrary, Biden and his foreign policy clown posse gave us a rerun of Saigon in 1975. After hiding under his bed for a week, the President explained his brilliant strategy by blaming his predecessor President Trump, and the Afghan military. Surprisingly his speechwriters failed to mention climate change, as another cause for the fall of Afghanistan.

Biden basically surrendered, after 20 years and over a trillion dollars and countless American and Afghan lives sacrificed to the cause of bringing faculty lounge democracy to a largely illiterate band of thugs living in the 7th century. He blamed Trump for attempting to end a war that now Biden says he opposed all along, neglecting to mention how he presided over eight years of this war while serving as vice-president. Or that he and Obama’s administration released the masterminds of this current Taliban surge from Gitmo in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Trump boxed him in, says Biden. Yet Biden reversed all of Trump’s other policies upon taking office, opening the border, ending American energy independence, and greenlighting Iran’s nuclear program. If he wanted to counter Trump’s plan to exit Afghanistan after 20 wasted years he certainly could have. Biden defied his generals, who must have seen “white rage” in Kabul, and told Biden not to abruptly pull out the military.

But Joe knew better, living up to his reputation as a foreign policy dunce. Obama’s Secretary of Defense famously observed of Biden, that he has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy question over the past 40 years. What little foreign policy knowledge he had was decades ago when he was at least firing on all cylinders rather than now, in rapid cognitive decline, surrendering thought and reason to his advanced age.

Biden also surrendered thousands of Americans and countless numbers of locals to the whims of the Taliban. Will they be released, held hostage, or beheaded on an international stage? What if they are killed on 9/11 at the surrendered US embassy? America’s humiliation will be complete.

He also surrendered a generation of Afghan girls and women, for two decades allowed to wear Western clothing, and attend school, hoping for a university degree and profession. Instead, Biden surrendered these women to cover all but their eyes, serving as Taliban brides and sex slaves.

Where are the Democrats and Hollywood harpies that were screaming about Justice Kavanaugh and supposed “rape trains” while Biden just unleashed the real thing on millions of Afghan women?

Biden also surrendered Bagram Airfield, the only reliable exit from Afghanistan, not last, once all Americans and our equipment were safely out of the country, but six weeks ago, completely backward to anyone with a whit of common sense. It’s not leaving Afghanistan that’s the problem, it’s the ham-handed backward way Biden did it.

To those Americans stuck in Kabul, trying to get to the airport, the US State Department buffoons say good luck, “Please be advised that the US government cannot guarantee your safety as you make this trip.” They might as well tell the stranded Americans to surrender. That’s what the Biden administration did.

Also surrendered were billions of dollars worth of military equipment, now in the hands of the Taliban, with China likely scoping out any high-tech items to add to their arsenal. China and the Taliban? They don’t work together, or do they? The geniuses at Foggy Bottom missed it but the Australian news didn’t as they correctly observed, “Why China’s relationship with the Taliban poses an enormous risk.”

We left military bases, forts, and enough equipment to create a first-rate military force. One that may be used against American interests. This is worse than surrender. Will the Democrats call this “infrastructure spending”?

Have other countries noticed Biden’s capitulation? Iran, as Reuters recently reported, is ramping up uranium enrichment to “near weapons-grade.” If Iran goes nuclear, Biden, by reinstating the failed Iran-nuke deal has surrendered the Middle East and many allies to a bunch of theocratic thugs.

Biden also surrendered to China, as they observe America as a paper tiger, as Osama bin Ladin claimed. American soldiers are real tigers, but not the parade generals at the Pentagon and the woke foreign policy experts in the White House. After Biden surrendered Afghanistan, China is now holding “assault drills near Taiwan.”

What happens when it is no longer a drill but the real thing? Would America come to Taiwan’s defense against China? Hunter Biden’s billion-dollar investment from a Chinese bank suggests not. That was protection money China paid to the Biden Crime Family to look the other way. Will America help her ally? Or will Biden babble while Blinken blinks, and voila, Taiwan is now part of communist China?

Is Russia watching America surrender? Replace China with Russia and Taiwan with Ukraine and you will have your answer. Other countries are watching Biden’s surrender too. Do they want to hitch their fortunes and fates to a paper tiger who will cut and run when politically expedient? Or will they pay homage and allegiance to China for their protection? Just as store owners paid Tony Soprano protection money to avoid something bad happening to their shop.

Back in America, Biden has been surrendering America to myriad bad forces. He surrendered America’s energy independence to AOC and the climate warriors. It’s now to the point that he is begging OPEC to increase oil supplies that he curtailed by stopping fracking and the Keystone pipeline.

He surrendered the Southern border to throngs of who-know-who from who-knows-where, bringing COVID and other diseases, or criminals from emptied foreign prisons. How soon until Taliban fighters find their way to Mexico and then across the border into the US?

Biden surrendered the booming Trump economy, rebounding after the worst of COVID, and now declining. Inflation is a word now being muttered, although in hushed tones, by CNN newsreaders. The misery index is once again being calculated, after a long hibernation from the Jimmy Carter presidency. Joe looked at Jimmy’s failures and said “hold my beer” as he is doubling down on the worst of Carter.

Biden surrendered American cities to police defunding, replaced by BLM riots, leaving city residents in similar dire straits as poor Afghanis, promised hope and change from a succession of US presidents starting with George W Bush, culminating in a horribly executed cut and run.

Biden and his Democrat surrogates in the media have surrendered civility and common sense to wokeness where everything is racist and questioning authority, once a proud virtue of the left, is considered domestic terrorism.

It is clear that Biden and his Democrats don’t believe in American exceptionalism or greatness, preferring to share the stage with powerful dictatorships. Biden’s legacy will be American surrender, economically, politically, and morally.

The world is watching and calculating. Hard-earned trust is easily squandered, much harder to recover. The ramifications of Biden’s surrender will haunt America for decades.

As President Trump said in a recently released statement, “Who or what will Joe Biden surrender to next? Someone should ask him if they can find him.”

And so it goes.

Jeff Dickson