The proposed Penny Tax that we will be voting on in November will be the best way to get our Lexington County roads repaired. I am recommending that everybody VOTE YES FORROADS on November 8th. This 1% tax cannot last but a certain amount of time. It cannot be extendedContinue Reading

Open Letter At the July 12 D5 School Board meeting, Dr. Ross shared his vision of moving forward with first and foremost being the welfare of each and every student. Any decision must address the question, “How are the Children?” Actions were taken at this meeting that will directly impactContinue Reading

We were “that” family, the family that everyone knew and thought of as the “perfect” family in our community. While we couldn’t imagine something like this happening to us, we could no longer deny our son’s drug addiction. It was no longer something that happened to other people, it wasContinue Reading