Bill Danielson is the person for the office of Mayor

10 reasons I am voting for Bill Danielson and I hope you will, also. In no specific order.

1. LEADERSHIP Bill is not a politician. He is a businessman. Bill is a leader.

2. INTEGRITY Bill is a man of integrity, as shown in this election process.

3. CHARACTER Bill does not believe in the “I” concept….believes the mayor and council should work as a team. I think this quality speaks to Bill’s moral character. Will work to ensure a cohesive council.

4. EXPERIENCE If, God forbid, there was a catastrophic event in Irmo, Bill would know how to react and respond. Bill has the experience to deal with difficult situations.

5. RESPONSIBLE Bill is fiscally responsible. Understands there is no such thing as free money. Will work for a long-term fiscal plan for Irmo.

6. PROFESSIONALISM Presents himself in a professional manner. Bill will work with other community leaders and represent the town of Irmo in a positive manner.

7. RULES and LAWS MATTER. Bill will abide by the laws and rules of the town and communities within and outside of the town of Irmo.

8. POSITIVE ROLE MODEL Bill will lead by example. He will be a positive role model for all citizens.

9. FAIR and ETHICAL. Bill’s conduct speaks volumes. He will always make decisions based on what is right for the citizens of Irmo.

10. INCLUSIVE Bill Danielson will work for ALL citizens in the Irmo community whether you have vote in this election or not. He understands why people are concerned about Irmo. He understands people shop, attend church, attend schools,, etc…Bill understands the impact of the council’s decisions on the everyday lives of people in this area.

Benjie H. Friday