Branham to Run for Richland County Council in District 1

Jason Branham, longtime resident and current Richland County Planning Commission Chairman, will run for Richland County Council in District 1 in the upcoming Republican primary on June 14, 2022.

Branham stated, “As a family man, it is important to me to have a county government that listens and addresses the needs of my family and my neighbors. The citizens of Richland County deserve respect and quality service from their government. My love for this area and prior experience dealing with our county officials has fueled me to run for County Council.”

“On County Council, I will strive to bring a new era of competence, communication, and care into the role. I am a man who identifies important objectives and works diligently to reach them. It’s time to elect public servants that care enough to ‘do their homework’, to show up, and to advocate for what they believe is in the best interests of its people,” Branham adds.

Branham will work closely with constituents and other council members to ensure Richland County Council operates on sound information, listens to its citizens, and openly explains its actions. He is committed to being a good steward when it comes to how tax dollars are spent. Smart, well-researched investments in local infrastructure are a top priority for Branham and for the well-being of District 1 families.