If you are open-minded and realize that other people have value, that you could learn something or gain a new perspective…then Communication is your Friend. Conversely, if you are a close-minded opinionated blockhead and you don’t think you can learn anything from anybody and nobody else has any value…then CommunicationContinue Reading

Students receive report cards each quarter, as well as interim report cards in the middle of each quarter. A student’s report card provides a numeric score of competency in each subject area and is often considered a predictor of future success. However, a student’s report card does not describe whetherContinue Reading

Thank you for checking out the Valet Tech corner. We will be writing tech articles without all the tech jargon so you can better understand technology and how it can benefit you. Why so many passwords? Why do they need to change? What do they need to be so longContinue Reading

Akil E. Ross, Sr, Ed.D.Superintendent I am honored to be named superintendent of School District Five of Lexington and RichlandCounties. The tradition of excellence of the schools is a direct reflection of the amazing supportour community provides to the schools. As a result, I intend to use this platform toContinue Reading

How many wise people do you know? Typically, they have a wide range of deep experiences and knowledge whereby you can seek sensible advice.  In his book, Rationality, Steven Pinker, Harvard University Psychology Professor and two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner, reports that being wise in recent times is scarce. He statedContinue Reading

By Nancy Nelson Current lumber prices are adding $24000 to the price tag of a typical new single family home according to the National Association of Home Builders. Builders are finding it increasingly more difficult to deliver new built, affordable homes due to the spike in lumber costs. The priceContinue Reading