by Edward.M.”JIB” Colie IIIAn official approach to electric vehicles: The state of California has actually put regulations in place that will ban vehicles with combustion engines by the year 2035. There will be exemptions for hybrid and plug-in hydrids but that is all. Personally speaking I hope that this actContinue Reading

By: Edward M.”JIB” Colie III Electric cars and a 2-way charge. The Ford F-150 pickup has a unique feature as far as EV’s go. This is the fact that it’s charging system can go 2 ways. First it charges the vehicle’s battery and second there is an inverter that convertsContinue Reading

By Sarah Ostergaard CRT, SEL, DEI, oh my. Is CRT in our schools? Yes, if you define the acronym CRT to mean Culturally Responsive Teaching.  There seems a misunderstanding that CRT is SEL, and vice versa, that DEI excludes people, and none of it belongs in OUR (not an acronym)Continue Reading

By Mike DuBose All of us experience major distress during our lifetimes. As a result, our thoughts and emotions impact happiness, productivity, and relationships. Our mental and physical health are greatly affected by moods and circumstances. Some of us bounce back from life’s major problems, while others need extra helpContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose In our last article, we defined trauma and examined how many of us (or someone you know) are haunted by past tragedies. We learned that trauma has endless categories and how it impacts people differently throughout their lives. Sadly, as I researched the American staggering trauma statistics,Continue Reading

By Edward M. “JIB” Colie III It can get confusing with four different plugs for charging EVs. The most favorite is the SAE standard J-2772 which is the favored level one and level two AC charging plug. Then there is the CCS1, known as the combined charging socket which allowsContinue Reading

By Mike DuBose Following our recent series of finding happiness, we now turn to the darker end of the spectrum. Many of us have personally experienced or witnessed major trauma during our lifetimes that has resulted in unhappiness, traveling down unresolved, very painful roads of suffering, some from childhood orContinue Reading

Thank you for checking out the Valet Tech corner. We will be writing tech articles without all the tech jargon so you can better understand the technology and how it can benefit you. We wrote an article on various anti-virus software packages, but it didn’t do justice to those reviewed.Continue Reading

By Edward M. “JIB” Colie III You have to admire Elon Musk. After he developed and patented the new brushless electric motor he declared his patents “open source”. This means that if you want to build an EV (electric vehicle)you can get a copy of his patents you can useContinue Reading

As I had discussed in my previous article, “Communication: Friend or Foe?”, and the subsequent Maxwell DISC articles. DISC Is an acronym, which stands for D for Dominant, I for Influencing, S for Steady and C for Compliant communication styles. It further identifies Task-First behavior vs. People-First behavior. Each behavioralContinue Reading